Who We Are

We are DART, expert service providers in Digital, Analytics, Research and Technology since 2004. We provide fuss-free, wraparound digital services including Cloud infrastructure support, Cloud-based applications, Digital Asset Management and System Integration. We’re committed to providing a level of service that makes out stand out from similar service providers – our job is to make your life easier.

What We Do

Cloud Hosting

We work with you to set up and run your cloud based application software, cutting out the complexity and making it simple and straightforward for you to maintain your Cloud-based server. We understand the Cloud and associated applications, and we can identify any issues and head off problems before they happen, keeping system downtime to an absolute minimum and allowing you to provide outstanding and uninterrupted customer service. We partner with sector-leading providers DigitalOcean to set up and manage Cloud-based applications.

Cloud Application Software

Cloud application allows users to access software and application from remote servers – so you can respond at the highest standard, wherever you are. The remote server processes logic accessed through a web browser. We develop Cloud-based solutions to provide a bespoke service based on each client’s specific needs. We accelerate the process of digitization and Cloud-based hosting. We work in close coordination with each client’s user team to understand their expectations in any application development engagement.

Digital Asset Management

DART provides services to set up and run websites and web applications. Our expertise includes setting and maintaining WooCommerce, eCommerce websites, and general-purpose WordPress websites. We develop websites in the cutting-edge open-source environment using PHP, Angular, and MySQL database. Our highly trained team of experts will set up your website and provide maintenance when required, including periodical website ‘health checks’.

About Us

We are your partners for growth.

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By selecting DART Web Services, you’ll be choosing to work alongside experts who are committed to modern Cloud-based infrastructure. But it’s not just about set-up – we also provide support, with training for your team, and bespoke guidelines to make implementation and management hassle-free. We’ll set up Cloud based infrastructure, input team training on best practices, and provide guidelines for successful implementation.

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Software Application
  • Digital Asset Management
  • System Integration
  • Development & Maintenance
  • E-commerce Website
  • Progressive Web Application
  • WordPress Websites
  • AngularJS