The growth in Cloud , Cloud Migration and Application Software are driving an ever-increasing need for separate server support. Our Cloud solutions are aligned with the specific demands of your business. We have partnered with Digital Ocean to provide Cloud-based server services. We work on Google Cloud services and AWS to set up and maintain server space.

We provide guidance on the design and architecture of a new or existing Cloud-native application in addition to provide services for cloud web server managing, development of cloud application software, and cloud migration. This helps our clients gain first-hand experience of Cloud solutions and allows them to familiarize themselves with the required steps for successful deployment and to thoroughly understand the next steps for future Cloud migrations. Our service helps in building modern applications or transforming existing applications using Cloud capabilities. What’s more, we can customize service packages that are tailor-made, meaning our service delivers a package that’s fully sustainable and capable of evolving as your business grows and your goals change.

Our cross-functional Cloud experts keep abreast of changes in the Cloud-based online environment and in web development, so they can serve you on demand and address issues instantly.We have expertise in developing custom applications. We are running - a Cloud-based application which has been developed by us

The services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Backup management
  • Cluster / LB maintenance
  • Hypervisor/core upgrades
  • Initial VM tuning & hardening
  • Mail error fixes
  • Network/system hardening
  • Performance tuning
  • Resource management
  • Security monitoring
  • Server updates
  • Server/App migrations
  • SSL setup & renewals
  • Storage/network administration
  • User administration

Frequent review of CPU usage, disk space usage, and backup management are crucial in Cloud servers. We undertake security level monitoring which includes firewall configuration, security audits, patching, backups and disaster recovery upon requirement. Our monitoring system sends alert messages if problems occur, and our system administrators investigate and resolve the issues with the highest priority.