Software Application

We develop application software in Angular Technology to meet the specific requirements of each and every one of our clients. Custom web applications are ideal for organizations since they exactly match with each organization’s business model. DART provides services to update your legacy backend or streamline the existing front-end functionality.

Our ultimate aim is to provide application software development in angular technologies which help clients to meet their expectations in a cost-effective manner. We can serve multiple industries, and our processes enable our programmers to learn the industry first before undertaking the corresponding coding task. We have expertise in developing complex Cloud solutions that are highly scalable, optimized for performance, and completely secure.

We develop web applications in Angular JS, and Angular higher versions. The AngularJS application framework makes web applications developed to stand apart from the rest. AngularJS generates highly optimized code, and it performs as a framework for building web/mobile applications.

Data binding, MVC, scope, routing, deep linking, controller, services, dependency injections, cross platform app development and unit testing make robust, clean and dynamic application development possible. Command Line Tools help to accelerate the implementation process, allowing faster implementation and project testing. The test data can be easily passed to capture the output. Deployment of the project is made instantly possible through the use of Angular, eliminating the need for costly delays.

We developed and using Angular platforms by minutely analyzing potential project requirements and providing superior services. Our expert team ensure software quality as the project progresses. Furthermore, we provide continuous support and maintenance services for the software/application once it is set up.